AR-10 vs. AR-15

In the 1950s, the Fairchild Aircraft company created a subdivision known as Armalite. This company designed lightweight, semi-automatic rifles. Since Armalite was relatively small, they focused on prototyping designs and selling them to larger manufacturers. Two of their most popular models are the AR-10 and the AR-15, which they sold to Colt in 1959. Although the AR-15 is the more well-known of the two, the AR-10 is also an excellent firearm to add to your collection.

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Similarities Between the AR-10 and AR-15

One of the main similarities between these two rifle models is that they were designed to be incredibly lightweight. This is achieved by using lighter metals (such as aluminum alloy) and high-tech plastics.

Both models also use a direct impingement gas operation system. This means that gas from when a cartridge explodes is directed into the bolt carrier. As a result, the action cycles and a new cartridge can be placed into the chamber for firing. This allows the gun to operate without a separate gas cylinder, piston, or operating rod.

In general, the two styles of rifle look similar and have similar functionality. In fact, many parts are interchangeable between the two.


The AR-10 was a precursor to the AR-15, but this does not mean it is less advanced. AR-10 rifles have a longer barrel, weigh slightly more, and are larger as a whole. This is because they generally fire a larger caliber of cartridge. 7.62 NATO and .308 Winchester are common calibers for AR-10-style rifles. You may also see 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Remington options.

Some great choices for AR-10s are:


AR-15-style rifles are among the most popular firearms in the United States. Many gun enthusiasts like to build and customize their own AR-15-style rifles. The main difference between this design and the AR-10 is that the AR-15 is smaller, lighter, and has a shorter barrel. It also uses different calibers, generally .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO.

Some great choices for AR-15s are:

Which Rifle is Best?

Choosing between an AR-10 and AR-15 often comes down to personal preference. You may want to try out both designs, as well as trying a few different models of each, to determine which one is best for you. Both are excellent guns and the quality often depends on the manufacturer.

In general, AR-15s have less recoil since they are slightly lighter. Many experts recommend AR-15-style rifles for home defense or small game hunting. Since the AR-10 uses a larger caliber, it is ideal to use as a big game hunting rifle.

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How Revolvers Work

Revolvers are one of the most popular types of guns for home defense due to their reliable and simple design. They were first invented in the 19th century to allow shooters to fire multiple times before reloading. These firearms work differently than a semi-automatic pistol or long gun, but it is relatively easy to learn how to use them.

How a revolver works and how to use it:

How a Gun Fires

The basic principle behind firearms is that they use a controlled explosion to propel a metal projectile (bullet) at a high speed. Although many people will use the term “bullet” to refer to the ammunition (ammo) they load into their weapon, the full object is the cartridge and the bullet is only the portion at the end that fires from the gun. The cartridge also includes gunpowder/propellant in the middle, which takes up about two-thirds of the volume. Finally, there is a small percussion cap or primer at the opposite end of the bullet. All of this is encased in metal.

When you pull the trigger of a gun, it activates a spring mechanism that hammers a firing pin into the primer. This ignites a small spark that in turn lights the powder, triggering an explosion. This generates gas which builds pressure that forces the bullet down the barrel of the gun very quickly, about 300 meters/second (1000 feet/second) for a standard handgun. The rest of the cartridge stays where it is and must be ejected, which happens manually or automatically depending on the gun.

How a Revolver Works

The barrel is the long metal part of the gun that the bullet travels down after the trigger is pulled. The chamber is where a cartridge is inserted before firing. In a semi-automatic gun, there is one chamber that remains stationary. Cartridges are automatically loaded into this chamber from a magazine. By contrast, a revolver has multiple chambers that rotate to line up with the barrel for firing.

Standard revolvers have six different chambers which are in a circle in the gun’s cylinder. This is the part that rotates and it can be swung out for reloading. In order to fire a bullet, a chamber must line up with the barrel. The firing mechanism is the same as with other types of guns: the hammer cocks then hits the primer and triggers an explosion to propel the bullet.

Single-Action Revolvers

In a traditional single-action revolver, the shooter must cock the hammer manually between each trigger pull. Someone usually performs this action with the thumb of their firing or supporting hand. This advances the cylinder to the next chamber and pulls the hammer back. The trigger pull then releases the hammer and fires the bullet.

Double-Action Revolvers

Whereas the trigger of a single-action revolver only does one thing (release the hammer), the trigger of a double-action revolver both cocks the hammer and releases it. There is no need to separately cock the hammer every time you wish to fire this type of revolver. This requires a longer trigger pull, which is less natural for many shooters but is relatively easy to do with practice.

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