clip art of duplex scope crosshairs
clip art of duplex scope crosshairs
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clip art of duplex scope crosshairs


The Hub’s location in Pima County features a unique virtual reality (VR) shooting range. Our MILO Tactical Range is the same technology that police departments and the military use for training. This system allows you to act out real-life situations where you might need to use your weapon in self-defense. The Hub offers training sessions with our MILO Range as well as entertainment sessions for a fun activity to try with your friends. You can book 30 minute or hour long sessions with the simulator.


The MILO system projects high-quality video or CGI scenarios onto the wall of our training room. You can choose which situations you prefer from our extensive library. You can shoot zombies or act out real-life scenarios that law enforcement and the military use to hone their decision-making skills. You will use a laser pistol to interact with the simulation and the system will directly react to the choices you make. This means that every outcome is different and depends directly on your decisions.

This system can help you be more responsible as a CCW holder or gun owner as it allows you to practice for the worst case scenario. This makes you more prepared if you ever do need to use your weapon to defend yourself and your family. The best way to prepare for the split-second decisions you would need to make is to act out these situations in a safe environment where you can learn from your mistakes. The MILO Tactical Range gives you this opportunity.


A standard gun range is a great option to practice gun operation and basic target shooting. However, a physical range does not give you the full experience of using your gun for self-defense. Real-life scenarios are not as simple as shooting at a stationary target and usually involve multiple variables you need to consider in your decision-making. Our MILO Range Simulator allows you to act out realistic situations in a safe environment, helping you to improve your tactical skills.

When you book time with our MILO Tactical Range at The Hub, a Hub Simulator Safety Officer (HSSO) will supervise your session. Your HSSO will point out areas where you can improve your tactical skills and will tailor your session to your training goals. This allows you to get the most out of the MILO Simulator.

Entertainment Sessions

clip art of duplex scope crosshairs

The Hub’s MILO simulator can be a great option for a fun activity to try in Tucson. You and your friends may find yourself in a rut of predictable outings. Our MILO Range is a great way to break out of this. An entertainment session allows you to choose from our selection of VR scenarios. You can fight off zombies or duel one another in a fun and lively MILO entertainment session. Our system allows up to four individuals at one time.

Physical Shooting Range

clip art of duplex scope crosshairs
If you prefer a physical gun range, we have a two-lane indoor shooting range. This allows you to hone your skills in gun operation and target shooting. Shooting ranges offer a variety of physical and mental health benefits that you can take advantage of. It can be a great way to reduce stress to visit our indoor range and it also improves your core and arm strength as well as hand-eye coordination. In addition to offering the benefits of traditional range, we offer a memorable experience where you can rent a fully-automatic gun.

Visit Our VR Or Physical Shooting Range

Book time with The Hub’s MILO VR shooting range today. You can customize these sessions to your specific training goals, allowing you to hone your tactical skills in the most effective way possible. You can also make The Hub the location for your next group outing with an entertainment session. The Hub is more than just a gun store and our MILO Range is just one more of the many resources we offer gun enthusiasts. Visit us today and experience it for yourself.

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