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Choosing the Right Holster

If you are purchasing a gun for concealed carry, you should have a holster to go with it. This is usually a better choice than a bag because it is easier to draw your firearm quickly while also preventing others from gaining access to your weapon. A holster is an essential gun accessory and it’s … Continue reading “Choosing the Right Holster”

Common Types of Gun Accessories

In addition to purchasing a firearm, you may want to consider gun accessories. There are many different options available and this can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time gun owner. At The Hub, we are here to help. You can always ask our staff about any accessories you are considering or which accessories … Continue reading “Common Types of Gun Accessories”

Buying a Gun in Arizona

If you are buying a gun in Arizona for the first time, you may be wondering what to expect. At The Hub, we strive to provide an ideal environment for both experts and new firearm owners. This means that if you have questions about purchasing your first gun, we are here to help. However, please … Continue reading “Buying a Gun in Arizona”

Essential Gun Safety Rules

The right to possess a firearm comes with important responsibilities. Following gun safety rules is essential any time you use your weapon whether this is at the range, while hunting, or for self-defense. There are four universal rules that originate from Jeff Cooper, a United States Marine who founded the American Pistol Institute (API) and … Continue reading “Essential Gun Safety Rules”

Full Metal Jacket vs Hollow-Point Bullets

There are many different types of ammunition and choosing the right kind is essential. In addition to ensuring they are the proper caliber, you will need to pick a type of bullet that fits your needs. This is usually either full metal jacket (also called FMJ) or hollow-point bullets. Both of these varieties of ammo … Continue reading “Full Metal Jacket vs Hollow-Point Bullets”

All About the MP5

The Heckler & Koch MP5, known as the Maschinenpistole 5 in German, is one of the most commonly used submachine guns in the World. There are more than 100 variations of this model, including fully-automatic and semi-automatic versions. Learn more about the MP5: Heckler & Koch The history of Heckler & Koch began after World … Continue reading “All About the MP5”

Why Firearms Training is Helpful

Whether you are a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, firearms training can be beneficial. During a training session, you will learn valuable skills that will improve your marksmanship and the handling of your weapon. This will be conducted under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The Hub in Tucson now offers Handgun 101 … Continue reading “Why Firearms Training is Helpful”

How Night Vision for Scopes Works

Scopes are an important firearm accessory for hunters and additional features can help you get the most benefit out of your optics. Night vision for scopes is one example. This technology allows you to see more clearly in low light conditions and is essential for night hunting. Here is how night vision works: Traditional Optoelectronic … Continue reading “How Night Vision for Scopes Works”

What is Grip Stippling?

There are many modifications that you can make to your firearm to customize the weapon for your needs. One example is grip stippling, which is the process of melting tiny holes into the polymer frame of your handgun. This creates more traction and allows for a more secure grip. Stippling used to be more common … Continue reading “What is Grip Stippling?”

Types of Rifle Scopes

Choosing a firearm is an important decision, but the accessories you use with your gun can make a big difference. Optics, such as rifle scopes, can help you shoot more accurately. There are many options to choose from and it can be overwhelming to consider all the choices. This is especially true if you are … Continue reading “Types of Rifle Scopes”

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