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Sig Sauer Elite Dealer

The Hub is proud to be the only SIG SAUER Elite Dealer in Tucson, Arizona, and one of a handful of Elite Dealers across the country. This distinction allows us to give you better service and a better selection of high-quality SIG SAUER firearms.


The Hub is an Arizona gun store that has two locations, one in Lakeside and one in Tucson. Both of these are SIG SAUER Elite Dealers as well as having a Class III license. The Class III distinction indicates that we are authorized to sell National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled guns and accessories. NFA-controlled items include short-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, and suppressors.

We strive to be your one-stop shop for all things firearm-related. Our gun stores offer pre-owned weapons as well as high-end and hard-to-find firearms, parts, and accessories. In addition to our two physical gun shops, you can also browse our selection online and purchase a firearm from the comfort of your own home.

Our Tucson location boasts a state-of-the-art MILO Range tactical simulator. This uses VR (virtual reality) technology so you can act out real-life shoot/no-shoot judgement scenarios. This training has been used by law enforcement and the military to improve quick decision-making and is a great way to prepare yourself for potentially dangerous situations. The MILO Range is also a great option to get some friends together and have a great time fighting zombies or dueling one another. A physical indoor shooting range is coming soon to our Tucson location.

We also offer Arizona CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit classes. While you can conceal carry in Arizona without a permit, if you meet other requirements to own a firearm, having a CCW has many benefits. These include: reciprocity in other states, streamlined background checks for future gun purchases, high-quality gun safety training, the ability to conceal carry in more areas, and potential legal protection.


SIG SAUER is a firearms manufacturer based out of New Hampshire. The company is widely-regarded as an industry leader producing high-quality and reliable guns. SIG SAUER began as Swiss Wagon Factory in 1853. However, when Switzerland’s Federal Ministry of Defense issued a challenge to create a new rifle for the Swiss army, the company created the Prelaz-Burnand rifle in 1964. After orders began to pour in for the new rifle, they changed their name to Swiss Industrial Company, or Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG).

In the 1970s, SIG paired with J.P. Sauer & Sohn, a German hunting rifle manufacturer. This began a new chapter for the company as they set their sights on the United States. In January 1985, SIGARMS opened in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The company moved to a larger location in New Hampshire in 1990 where it remains to this day.

On October 1, 2007, SIGARMS officially changed its name to SIG SAUER. Over the years, it has remained an innovator in the firearms industry. The brand has contracts with law enforcement as well as a line of guns and accessories for civilian use. SIG SAUER is also known for its SIG SAUER Academy which offers the very best in firearms, tactical, and self-defense training for law enforcement and civilians.


SIG SAUER only authorizes select gun stores to sell their weapons. Of these, only a handful are named as Elite Dealers. This means that we offer a “store within a store” for our SIG SAUER products. Elite Dealers are the best of the best. If you are interested in a SIG SAUER gun, visiting an Elite Dealer ensures you get outstanding customer service and can choose from a wider selection.

The Hub is Tucson’s only SIG SAUER Elite Dealer. We strive to give you the best experience when you visit our gun store, whether you are looking for a SIG SAUER firearm or any other brand of weapon or accessory.


If you are looking to purchase a SIG SAUER firearm in Tucson, AZ, then The Hub is the clear choice. Our Elite Dealer distinction means that we are uniquely qualified to offer you the best possible selection and service. Our gun experts are happy to help you find the gun that best fits your needs, whether this is a SIG SAUER or any other brand. We cater to experts and first-time gun owners alike.

Visit our Tucson gun store, a SIG SAUER elite dealer, to see for yourself what sets us apart.

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