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Traditional vs MILO Range Benefits

At The Hub’s Tucson location, we have a traditional indoor shooting range and a virtual-reality MILO Range. Both of these are great for practicing your skills. Depending on which range you visit, you can enjoy many different benefits.

Indoor Shooting Range

Our indoor gun range has two lanes and you can bring your own firearm or rent one of ours.

Some of the benefits of visiting our traditional range include:

Practice Using Your Gun

You should know how to use any firearms you own. If you are using your gun for home defense or concealed carry, it’s a good idea to be as familiar as possible with its operation. Visiting our shooting range allows you to practice shooting your weapon accurately.

Physical Health

Shooting engages your core and arm muscles while also helping to improve your stamina. Time at the range is also a great way to reduce stress, which can improve your health and overall wellbeing.

Try Before You Buy

If you are considering buying a new firearm, it can be incredibly helpful to try it out first. The Hub allows you to rent various different models at our indoor range. You’ll even get a discount of $15 off if you purchase a gun after renting it.

MILO Range

Our MILO virtual-reality simulator projects high-quality video scenarios onto a screen and you use a laser gun to interact with the simulation. The outcome will depend on the decisions you make and there are a variety of different scenarios available to try.

Some of the benefits of visiting our MILO Range include:

Real-Life Situations

While a traditional range is great for target practice, it does not present a realistic situation for self-defense. MILO simulations are designed to reflect actual scenarios where you might need to use your firearm. This helps you prepare for the quick decisions you could need to make in an emergency.

Professional-Grade Training

Law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide use the MILO Range to provide safe and realistic training. This means that when you use this training simulator, you have the benefit of state-of-the-art technology and scenarios that are designed to provide the highest level of realism and tactical benefits.

Supervised Practice

When you book a training session, a Hub Simulator Safety Officer (HSSO) will help tailor your time at the range to your needs. They will also look for factors that you can focus on to improve your skills and become more prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Book Time

Our traditional range and our MILO simulator are both beneficial for your tactical training. You can book time at either one by contacting us. If you would like to further hone your skills, we also offer training and concealed carry weapon (CCW) classes.

Contact The Hub today to schedule time at our physical shooting range or MILO simulator.
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