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Why You Should Get a Magazine Loader

There are many types of accessories that can make using your firearm easier. One example is a magazine loader. This device also called a magazine speed loader or mag loader makes loading your gun a quicker and simpler process and is beneficial to use at the range.

Here are some reasons you should consider getting a magazine loader:

Saves Time

It can take a long time to load your magazine by hand. This can be frustrating if you are in “the zone” at the range and have to stop to reload. Even if you have extra magazines available, you will still need to take the time at some point to reload them. A magazine loader makes this process faster and saves you time.

Easier on Your Fingers

Loading ammunition into your magazine can take a toll on your fingers, especially if you are doing a lot of shooting. Over time, you may start to develop calluses, which will make it a little easier. However, it can be painful until then. A magazine loader means you don’t have to do this manual labor.

Helps Prevent Jamming

If you’re loading a lot of ammunition, it’s easy to misload a round or two, which can lead to jamming or other malfunctions. A mag loader helps prevent this from happening because it accurately loads the ammunition into your magazine.

Downsides of Magazine Loaders

For the most part, the only downside to a magazine loader is that it is an extra piece of equipment that you need to keep track of. This can make it less practical for hunting, especially if you use a heavier or bulkier device. However, you can always load your magazines by hand for some circumstances and use a mag loader for others. As with any other accessory, the main determination for whether you should get a speed loader is whether or not you personally find it helpful.

Choosing the Best Magloader

When choosing a magazine loader, it’s important to make sure it is compatible with your firearm. The device will list which models it works with. Many are universal for a certain type of gun (such as AR-15-style models), but you should always double-check. You should also consider what is most essential to you. Is speed a key factor, or is it more important that the loader be portable? Some devices are designed to be used on a flat surface, which may be less practical for hunting, so this is another element to be mindful of. If you have questions about any of this or aren’t sure where to start, the friendly gun experts at The Hub can help. You can also find reviews online for the types of loaders you are considering to see what other gun owners think and what their experience has been.

Where to Purchase a Magazine Speed Loader

At The Hub, we have an extensive selection of firearms and accessories, including magazine loaders. You can browse these options online or visit us in Tucson or Lakeside.

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