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Benefits of Building an AR-15

AR-15s are one of the most popular types of guns in the United States. They are also among the easiest firearms to build. While buying a gun is definitely more convenient, building an AR-15 can be a fun challenge and there are many benefits to going this route.

Some of the benefits of building your own AR-15 include:

Lower Cost

In most cases, it will cost less to get the necessary parts and put them together on your own than it will get a premade gun. This is because of the time that goes into building the gun. You can add premium parts and upgrades and still pay less overall to build your AR-15 compared to buying a similar model. If you don’t want to buy everything at once, you can even build the firearm bit by bit over time. This allows you wait and get the best deal possible for each part.

Relatively Quick Assembly

If you use a complete lower receiver, putting together an AR-15 is usually relatively simple. With practice, many are able to finish a build in less than an hour. It will probably take a little longer the first time, but you still won’t likely need to spend too much on the project.

Fully Customizable

Because manufacturers have standardized the parts that are used for building an AR-15, you can mix and match different options within the same caliber. This allows you to fully customize your gun to match your preferences. Although you can always add accessories or swap parts for a pre-built gun, building your own gives you the ability to make these choices from the start.

Know Your Gun Inside and Out

During the building process, you will become familiar with your weapon. Although it is possible to learn about a gun you buy, building it yourself gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how every part works. This can be useful if the gun ever needs to be repaired.

Pride In Your Craftsmanship

One of the major benefits of building an AR-15 is the pride that comes with knowing that you put your firearm together yourself. Finishing this project can build your confidence and you will have a final product that is customized just for you.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in building your own AR-15, the first step is obtaining the right parts. The lower receiver is the only portion that is legally considered a firearm, so you will need to complete the standard background check required to purchase a gun in Arizona. An 80% lower receiver is not classified as a firearm, but it does require additional tools and time to become functional. If you have any questions, our experts are happy to help.

Purchase Guns and Parts at The Hub

Whether you prefer to buy a fully built AR-15 or put it together yourself, The Hub has everything you need. We are your one-stop gun shop.

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