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Tips For Buying A Used Gun

If you are looking at buying a firearm but want to get a great deal, buying used may be one way to get a high-quality gun for a lower price. While there are benefits to buying new, firearms generally have a long service life with good maintenance.

Check Overall Condition

While used firearms will have minor scuffs and imperfections in the finish most of the time, cosmetic wear and tear is not necessarily an indication that the gun will not function properly. It is a good idea to take a close look at the overall condition of the piece you are interested in buying.

Check for loose screws, bushings, and sights. If any of these parts rattle, you may need to have the gun repaired before taking it to the range, which will add to the overall price of the piece. If you dry fire the gun, it can also help to let you know if there are any mechanical issues with the piece.

Look for tool marks around the screws, which can indicate home gunsmithing, and make sure the sights are sturdy and properly aligned. Many gun owners swap out the sights and do not install the new ones properly. Once you have looked at the overall condition of the outside of the gun, you will want to look at the inside.

Field Strip<

You will rarely want to buy a used gun sight unseen unless it comes from a trusted dealer. Go to the store and ask if you or the salesperson can field strip the firearm. Once stripped, you will want to examine the internal mechanisms closely, looking for rust, cracks, chips, bulging, and pitting.

While the gun is field stripped, check the frame. It is crucial to feel around and make sure that nothing has been sanded or filed off. If you shake the gun, you may hear some light rattling, but the frame should not be loose in general.

Examine the guide rod, spring, feed lips, and follower. Ensure that everything is functioning correctly and that there is no visible damage, and examine the barrel, looking for any bulging or pitting. Most likely, the barrel will have marks in it whether from cleaning it or from firing, so only look for excessive wear and tear.

Check the trigger and the magazine and look for defects. When checking the trigger, make sure that it pulls correctly and that the firing pin is working. Check the spring in the magazine and make sure that the rounds move smoothly. Replacing the spring is an easy fix, but it is also a good idea to buy an extra magazine or two to have on hand. This will decrease the time you will need to spend reloading.

Visit a Trusted Gun Broker

Do your research. If you are looking to buy a used gun, it is vital to purchase from a reputable gun dealer. Buying guns online can be risky, so it is critical to research the trustworthiness of the marketplace and the seller.

Local gun stores, in general, tend to be more reliable for buying used than many online marketplaces. By visiting a store, you can examine the firearm firsthand and speak to the experts. Looking at the store, talking with the employees, and checking out the store’s policies are all great ways to help you determine how reputable the store is. Don’t forget about pawn shops! A reputable pawn shop may have good, used guns for sale as well.

Used Guns at The Hub

Having an experienced and trusted broker like The Hub helps to make buying a used gun pain-free. Our experts carefully examine every used firearm before selling and will stand behind every gun we sell.

Check out The Hub for all your gun and gun accessory needs.  Contact us today if you have any questions about our new or used firearms.
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