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Why You Need a Car Gun Safe

Gun ownership is both a right and a responsibility, and it’s important to take the steps to ensure only authorized individuals have access to your firearms. Having a gun safe in your home is a key element of this, but you should also have a car gun safe if you conceal carry.

Why You Might Need to Leave Your Gun in Your Car

Your first thought when debating whether you need a gun safe in your vehicle might be that you don’t need to worry about this because you always keep your gun on your person.

However, there may be circumstances when you need to make an unexpected stop at a federal facility (such as a post office, courthouse, or school) where firearms are prohibited, even for those with a concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit. Other businesses can also have signs indicating that firearms are prohibited, although enforceability may vary depending on the circumstances. (Note that we cannot give legal advice and that it is your responsibility as a gun owner to know where you can and cannot conceal carry your firearm.)

In these cases, you would need to leave your gun in your vehicle if you want to enter the building. Although you may be tempted to assume you can just avoid these places on principle, the reality is that there are many circumstances that could make it necessary to stop there at some point.

Why a Vehicle Gun Safe Is Important

Firearms are a major target for thieves and cars are vulnerable to break-ins more so than most homes. Even if you think no one saw you place your gun in the middle console or otherwise hide it in the vehicle, it’s still possible, and this opens the door for a crime of opportunity. A car gun safe, much like the variety that you keep in your home, keeps your firearms secure.

In some cases, a gun safe may also be required to travel through a certain state. Even with CCW reciprocity, you should research the laws of any states you are traveling to or through with a firearm.

How To Use A Car Gun Safe

Here are some tips for using a vehicle gun safe:

1. Keep The Safe Hidden

Even if your gun is in a safe, you don’t want to advertise its location by keeping that safe in plain view of anyone passing by. Instead, choose a location that is out of sight and make sure the safe is as inconspicuous as possible. This also means that you should be careful about transferring the gun to the safe and try to do this away from prying eyes as much as possible.

2. Attach the Safe To Your Car

At home, you want to keep your gun safe bolted down so criminals can’t simply walk away with it. The same is true for car gun safes. You should buy a safe that you can attach to the floor or even bolt to the frame of the car for optimum security.

3. Consider Your Individual Needs

If you rarely leave your gun in the car, you likely don’t need a high-tech safe. However, if you want to have your gun quickly accessible while also allowing for safe storage for long road trips or car journeys, you may want to look into more advanced safes. We are happy to discuss your options with you.

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