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How to Cultivate the Right Concealed Carry Mindset

2020 was a record year for both gun sales and concealed carry permit numbers, which rose over 10% more than the year before. Arizona is a constitutional carry state, meaning you don’t need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public. With a rise in people carrying concealed weapons, however, comes a rise in the importance of educating yourself on the topic.

Along with being skilled with your firearm, there is another aspect that is just as important when it comes to regularly carrying a weapon: the concealed carry mindset. Developing a concealed carry mindset will make sure you are both physically and mentally ready, willing, and able to operate your firearm if needed.

What Does Having a Concealed Carry Mindset Mean?

Knowing how to practically use a firearm does not also prepare you for what it will be like to use it for actual self-defense. A concealed carry mindset is the belief that guides the ways in which you handle certain situations – in this case, using your concealed weapon to protect yourself. It can be the difference between life and death when the moment arises.

The Concealed Carry Mindset

Protecting Yourself

To cultivate your concealed carry mindset, you’ll need to do a bit of introspection. First, ask yourself why you want to carry a weapon. For most people, this comes from a desire to protect themselves. However, desire is not always enough – you need to make sure you are fully committed to self-defense and everything that comes along with it.

Next, try to imagine yourself drawing, pointing, and firing your weapon at an attacker. If you are unable to do so, you might need a bit more time to work on your mindset. Lastly, ask yourself if you believe it is moral to fire your weapon to protect your life. It should never be your goal to use your gun to stop the threat, but if the need arises, will you be able to live with that decision?

Committing to the Lifestyle

Having a concealed carry mindset requires committing to the lifestyle of an armed citizen. This means making the choice every morning to carry your gun on your person because a self-defense situation can occur anywhere and at any time. It also means dealing with smaller hassles that come along with carrying a firearm, such as uncomfortable gear to hold it, avoiding buildings that do not allow guns on their premise, and dressing in order to conceal your weapon. Although some things in your life will be hindered by concealed carry, the safety and peace of mind it provides will outweigh those hassles.

You Always Win the Fight That Didn’t Happen

Firing your weapon in an act of self-defense is a life-changing experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Another necessary part of the concealed carry mindset is understanding that just because you are carrying a weapon, doesn’t mean you are obligated to use it. Your firearm should only be used as a last-resort option in escalating situations.

It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, in case you can potentially de-escalate a situation before the need for self-defense arises. One way to do this is to move away from the threat you’ve identified and stay behind cover.

Firearms & Training at The Hub

Once you’ve honed in your mindset, visit The Hub to purchase your gun for concealed carry. The Hub has locations in Lakeside and Tucson, as well as a full selection of products online. We also offer firearms training, including concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit classes.

Contact The Hub today to learn more about earning your CCW and cultivating the right concealed carry mindset.
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