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What is Plinking?

Whether you are a novice with a firearm or have children showing interest in learning to shoot, plinking may be for you. It teaches you gun principles like accuracy and speed shooting with no stress or competition. Follow along as we define plinking, its benefits, and safety tips.

Defining Plinking

Plinking is a term that describes recreational shooting with low-caliber rifles. It often involves shooting aluminum cans, but most objects, such as paper and pieces of wood, also work as targets. This form of target practice got its name from the “plinking” sound a can makes when hit. It is typically done more for leisure than to hone skills and often takes place in the woods, at home, or in other open spaces.

Benefits of Plinking

Plinking has many benefits, whether you are a hunter working on your accuracy, teaching your children how to shoot, or just want to have a good time with friends.

Keeps Shooting Exciting

Target practice with traditional paper targets can get repetitive. One of the many benefits of plinking is that you can keep it exciting by using nearly anything as a target, from corks to golf balls to empty bottles.

Shooting Practice/Training

Plinking can also help you brush up on your aim and accuracy. To prepare for the hunting season, you can hide targets in certain areas of the woods and practice shooting.

Inexpensive Hobby

Another advantage of plinking is that it’s an inexpensive hobby. Since you can use almost any found object as a target, you don’t have to purchase any if you don’t want to. You can also reuse most targets over and over.

Tips For Plinking Safety

Although it is informal target shooting, it is still crucial that you are safe while plinking.

Follow these three tips to practice plinking safely:

1. Define Your Shooting Area

Defining your shooting area is a priority. Before you start plinking, carefully identify and delineate the region to ensure you are in an open space that is safe and free of objects you could damage. Additionally, keep your distance from neighbors and businesses, as it can be a loud activity. You should be aware of any restrictions in the area you are shooting as well – plinking is often more feasible in rural areas.

2. Restrict Access to the Site

Another safety precaution is restricting access to your plinking site. Take measures to avoid anyone entering the line of fire, such as locking the doors when training in an enclosed area or attaching signs nearby your shooting area. You mustn’t allow children to enter during this activity unless an adult supervises them while they learn to shoot.

3. Use Steel Targets

While you can use nearly any object for plinking, steel targets are often preferred. Steel is a thick, durable material that is resistant to bullet impacts. Be wary of targets like glass bottles, as shards of glass can go flying when the bottle explodes. It is also harder to clean up a glass target than a steel one.

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