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Are Revolvers Obsolete?

Choosing a gun is a significant and personal decision. Which options are best will depend on what your needs and preferences are. When you’re looking for a handgun, your two broad options are a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver. Although you may hear some people claim that revolvers are obsolete, the truth is more complicated. Like any gun, revolvers are well-suited to some applications and less than ideal for others.

Why Do Some Claim That Revolvers Are Obsolete?

There are two main definitions of obsolete: no longer in use or outdated. The first obviously doesn’t apply to revolvers. The second is somewhat debatable. Technically, revolvers use older technology and they do have some downsides compared to newer pistols.

One of the most significant cons of a revolver is the lower capacity. A revolver can only fire five or six shots before it needs to be reloaded. Pistol capacities vary, but some can hold up to 17 rounds. The average number of shots fired in a self-defense scenario is between two and four, so in the “average” encounter, the lower capacity of a revolver doesn’t make a difference.

However, in some situations, especially in a military or law enforcement context, being able to fire more rounds before reloading is significant. This is why police departments and the military use pistols instead of revolvers in most cases.

Although the issue of capacity is one of the most talked-about relating to revolvers, there are other downsides to consider. Revolvers are often less customizable and have fewer features than newer models.

Benefits of Revolvers

Despite having some downsides, revolvers also have many benefits and continue to be a popular choice.

Some of the benefits of revolvers include:


Revolvers are able to use larger caliber cartridges and this makes them a great choice for those who need high power. In particular, revolvers are popular for outdoorsmen, as they are more easily able to take down a large animal compared to a pistol.


The reliability of revolvers is one of the reasons for their continued popularity. Revolvers are known to rarely malfunction, even if the owner does not regularly maintain the weapon.


A revolver is easy to operate, especially if someone with a limited understanding of firearms. Many individuals who want a gun for self-defense but don’t want to invest too much time into training choose a revolver for this reason, although ideally, you should still get training and put effort into honing your skills with any gun.


Revolvers are often smaller and easier to conceal than pistols. As a result, they can be a great choice for concealed carry, either as a primary gun or even as a backup.

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