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Why Is 9mm So Popular?

The 9mm is widely considered the most popular handgun for personal defense, concealed carry, and service around the globe. Since its debut, technological advances have improved the performance of this versatile cartridge, skyrocketing it to the top of every gun owner’s list. So why is 9mm so popular? Read about six of its main benefits in our blog below.

1. Reduced Recoil

One major benefit of the 9mm is reduced recoil. Reduced felt recoil allows for faster target acquisition, providing a tactical advantage. With less recoil anticipation, it also creates faster and more accurate follow-up shots. This results in better shot placement for both the average user and professionals, even while moving.

2. Increased Capacity

Another factor that contributes to the popularity of the 9mm is increased ammo capacity. Most 9mm pistols have a standard capacity of 17 rounds, with extended magazines reaching 20 rounds or more while maintaining a manageable size. This optimal capacity in a relatively small package allows its user to carry more ammunition in the gun and on their person.

3. Impressive Firepower

Despite its small size, the 9mm round packs a punch. Along with its large magazine capacity, it balances firepower with stopping power for the ultimate shot. Its impressive firepower does not sacrifice accuracy, though. The 9mm enhances shot placement, which is the most critical factor in stopping a threat.

4. Reliable History

The first 9mm luger was developed over a century ago in 1901. That is 121 years of weapons development dedicated to the caliber. This development makes the 9mm reliable, as it lasts longer, needs fewer repairs, and is less prone to breakage than its counterparts. Most owners get years of life out of this weapon.

5. Used by Law Enforcement and Military

The popularity of the 9mm can largely be attributed to law enforcement agencies and the military. The average consumer often takes their cues from these organizations, and the 9mm is the caliber of choice for most police stations and the FBI. The United States military has also replaced the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) with 9mms. These establishments favor this handgun caliber because of the above reasons, as well as its penetrating power and reliability in both practice and duty settings.

6. Widely Available

The 9mm’s popularity has made it a widely available weapon, further increasing its demand. Many weapons now come in the 9mm caliber. Since it is manufactured in high quantities, it is inexpensive to produce compared to other calibers. This also makes it flexible and easily customizable. There are many options to further enhance the firearm, such as extended magazines or more durable components.

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