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SIG SAUER is a trusted name in firearms and is known for their quality, reliability, and safety. One of the most popular rifles from the SIG line is the M400. This M4-style semi-automatic rifle is a great choice for gun enthusiasts and is especially well suited for hunting. Both of The Hub’s Arizona gun stores are certified as SIG SAUER Elite Dealers and our Lakeside location is considered a Master Dealer. We have extensive knowledge of the SIG line and want to help you find the best gun for your needs. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the SIG SAUER M400 rifle:


What is SIG SAUER?

SIG SAUER is a gun manufacturer based out of New Hampshire. They started in 1853 as the Swiss Wagon Company, but changed their name to SIG (Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, or Swedish Industrial Company) in 1884. In 1985, they moved to the US and became SIGARMS. The name changed to SIG SAUER in 2007.

Where are SIG SAUER rifles made?

SIG SAUER rifles, as well as other SIG SAUER firearms and accessories, are made in the United States. Their main plants are in Exeter and Newington in New Hampshire. The company used to manufacture some of their weapons in Germany, but has since switched to American production.

Is SIGARMS the same as SIG SAUER?

Yes, SIGARMS was the name for SIG SAUER from 1985 until October 1, 2007. This company originally started as a Swiss-German manufacturer, but moved to the United States in 1985. They are based out of New Hampshire and create guns for law enforcement and civilians.

Does SIG SAUER make good guns?

SIG SAUER is recognized as an industry leader for quality, reliability, and safety. Of course, whether a gun is “good” will depend on its intended use and your personal preference. When choosing a gun, you should focus on functionality, quality, and your overall “feel” of that weapon.

M400 Basics and Definitions

What is the SIG SAUER M400?

The SIG M400 is the first M4-style rifle with the SIG name. It is a semi-automatic rifle. There are multiple different models of the SIG M400 including the Classic, SRP, Tread, Elite, and Predator. It was first produced in 2010. 

Is the SIG M400 an M4?

An M4 can mean a carbine that is capable of selective fire, such as weapons used by the US Military. By this definition, the SIG M400 is not an M4 since it is not fully automatic. However, an M4 can also mean a weapon in this style, but designed to be semi-automatic. This is similar to an AR-15-style rifle but with a shorter barrel. The SIG M400 fits this second definition. 

Is the SIG M400 carbine or mid-length?

Carbine gas systems have the gas port at the 7.5 inch mark on the gun’s barrel, whereas mid-length systems have the gas port at 9.5 inches. The SIG M400 is designed as a carbine with a shorter barrel and uses a carbine gas system. 

What caliber is a SIG SAUER M400?

The SIG M400 Elite Vanish rifle is .223 Remington caliber. The SIG M400 Tread is 5.56 NATO caliber. These are fairly close in size, but are not exactly the same. In general, you should not use 5.56 in a .223 chamber, but in some reverse circumstances you can use .223 in a 5.56 chamber. 

What are the specs for the SIG SAUER M400?

The specs for the SIG M400 Elite Vanish rifle are as follows:

OPERATING SYSTEM Direct Impingement
CALIBER .223 Remington
LENGTH (Overall) 38.25 in (972 mm)
WIDTH (Overall) 2.5 in (64 mm)
BARREL LENGTH 20 in (508 mm)
WEIGHT 7 lbs. (112 oz, 3.2 kg) 

Is the SIG M400 gas piston?

No, a SIG M400 uses a direct impingement system. The difference is that gas piston systems have propellant gases in a separate cylinder whereas direct impingement systems bleed propellant gas through a small hole located in the barrel. Direct impingement is the original system used for AR-15-style firearms.

Is the SIG M400 Mil-Spec?

Mil-Spec is short for “military specifications” and means that a firearm meets all criteria set by the US military. The SIG M400 carbine is generally considered Mil-Spec. However, the version sold to civilians is still going to be different than the version available to the military. Notably, a civilian SIG SAUER M400 will be semi-automatic, not fully automatic. 

Owning a SIG M400

Is the SIG SAUER M400 a good gun?

What is and isn’t a good gun will be highly subjective and depends on your personal preferences and the gun’s intended use. The M400 line is generally considered a high-quality choice for M4-style rifles. The SIG M400 Elite Vanish rifle in particular is well-suited for hunting.

How do you clean the SIG M400?

Before cleaning your SIG SAUER firearm, consult the owner’s manual for specific tips for maintenance and operation. Make sure that you double and triple check that your gun is unloaded before you begin cleaning. You should clean the bore as well as lubricating certain key points of the weapon. 

What ammo do you use for a SIG M400?

The SIG M400 Elite Vanish rifle uses .223 Remington ammo. The SIG M400 Tread uses 5.56 NATO ammo. However, you may be able to use .223 Remington ammo as well in the Tread model. 

What accessories can you use with a SIG M400?

Weapon-mounted lights are a good option for increased visibility. You may also want to consider adding optics to your rifle. Which accessories you choose will depend on your preferences. You should also consult your owner’s manual to make sure that any accessories you purchase will fit your gun. 

What is the price of a SIG SAUER M400?

At The Hub, we offer the SIG SAUER M400 Elite Vanish for $1,141.86. We offer the Tread model for $803.49. Prices may change and we are always updating our offers, so make sure to check our online store regularly. 

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If you have more questions about the SIG SAUER M400 rifle, you can always contact us online, over the phone, or in store. Our gun experts can help you and there is no question that is too basic or too complex for our team. 

If you are interested in purchasing a SIG SAUER M400, you can visit us in Lakeside, Tucson, or online.
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