Featured Firearm FAQ: Ruger Wrangler

Ruger is an American gun manufacturer known for their reliable and cost-effective firearm selection. In particular, the brand has become recognized for their revolvers. The Ruger Wrangler is a .22 Long Rifle (LR) single-action revolver.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Ruger Wrangler:

Ruger Wrangler

How does the Ruger Wrangler work?

The Ruger Wrangler is a single-action revolver. This means that you must manually cock the hammer between shots. Pressing the trigger releases the hammer and fires a cartridge. This revolver uses .22LR ammunition, which is one of the most common types of ammunition in the world and is generally viewed as simple yet effective.

What features does the Ruger Wrangler have?

The Ruger Wrangler has a cold hammer forged barrel. It uses a Cerakote finish on the cylinder that is rugged and reliable. The revolver also features blade front and integral notch rear sights.

What are the specs of the Ruger Wrangler?

The specifications for the Ruger Wrangler are as follows:

Grips Checked Synthetic
Capacity Six
Front Sight Blade
Barrel Length 4.62”
Cylinder Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Rear Sight Integral
Overall Length 10.25 inches
Weight 30 oz
Twist 1:14” RH
Grooves 6

Ruger Firearms

When was Ruger founded?

Ruger began in 1949 when William B. Ruger and Alexander McCormick Sturm entered into a partnership and founded Sturm, Ruger, & Co. with a $50,000 investment. Even after Sturm’s death in 1951, the full name of the manufacturer is still Sturm, Ruger, & Co., although it is more commonly referred to as Ruger.

Where is Ruger manufactured?

Ruger is an American-owned company and all guns are designed and manufactured in the United States. The company has manufacturing plants in Arizona, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. The corporate office for Ruger is located in Southport, Connecticut. This is also where Ruger was initially founded.

What is Ruger known for?

Ruger produces a variety of different guns, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers. They are most recognized for their single-action and double-action revolvers. They are also known for producing their own ammunition for use in some of their guns.

Are Ruger revolvers any good?

Ruger revolvers are generally accepted as reliable, simple, and cost-effective. They do not usually have a flashy design or a lot of customizable elements. They are lower priced than most of their competition and can be a great choice for certain applications. As with any other gun, whether or not Ruger revolvers are right for you generally comes down to what you prefer in your firearms.

Revolver Basics

When was the revolver invented?

American inventor Samuel Colt patented the mechanism for the mechanically indexing cylinder in 1836. Before this, some designs resembling modern-day revolvers were in use in China and Europe. However, these were difficult to use and expensive to make. Colt’s design used a more effective system to rotate the cylinder by cocking the hammer and became the basis for modern-day revolvers.

How do revolvers work?

A revolver has several firing chambers that each house one cartridge. These are arranged in a circle on the firearm’s cylinder. To operate a single-action revolver you must pull the hammer back manually to rotate the cylinder to line up each chamber with the barrel. The trigger releases the hammer and fires a shot. Double-action revolvers also can be used in self-cocking mode.

Is a revolver a pistol?

No. While both revolvers and pistols are considered handguns they are not the same thing. A pistol can be multi-chamber, single shot (bolt or break open), fully automatic, or most commonly semi-automatic. A revolver has a cylinder that is either swing out, top break, or fixed into the frame of the revolver. Revolvers are limited to the capacity that they are made with from the factory. However, pistols usually have detectable magazines that make their capacity change in a second.  Pistols have now also made their way into rifle lines. You now see AR-15s, AKs, and many other modern sporting rifles in pistol configurations.

Are revolvers harder to shoot?

Revolvers have more recoil than semi-automatic firearms and therefore can be physically harder to shoot. They also take longer to reload than semi-automatics. However, revolvers also have a more straight-forward design than most semi-automatic handguns. The process for shooting a revolver can be easy to learn but harder to do accurately. Choosing between a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun usually comes down to your personal preferences.

Are revolvers outdated?

Whether or not revolvers are outdated is a hotly-debated question. The guns are outdated from a military perspective as they hold less ammo than semi-automatic handguns. However, many gun owners prefer revolvers due to familiarity and ease of use. They are very straightforward to load, fire, and clean. In self-defense applications, especially for less-practiced gun users, revolvers can be a great option.

How does a single-action revolver work?

When you shoot a single-action revolver, you will first pull the handgun slide back. This cocks the hammer. It also revolves the cylinder to line up the next chamber with the barrel of the gun. When you pull the trigger, the hammer releases and the weapon fires. In order to fire again, you must manually cock the hammer a second time, then pull the trigger again to release it.

What is the difference between single-action and double-action revolvers?

In a single-action revolver, you must manually cock the hammer and pulling the trigger releases the hammer and fires a cartridge. To fire another round, you must manually cock the gun each time. In a double-action revolver, the trigger both cocks the hammer and releases it. This results in a longer trigger pull.

Which is better, single-action or double-action?

Single-action revolvers have a shorter trigger pull, which often feels more natural to those who are not experienced with double-action revolvers. Double-action revolvers can fire more quickly as they do not require you to manually cock the hammer each time. Which is better will depend on the intended use of the gun and your personal preferences.

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