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The Parts of a Gun

It’s important to fully understand how a firearm works before operating one. This includes knowing the different parts of a gun. This article specifically goes over the parts of a semi-automatic pistol. Different types of guns vary in composition, so if you are using another variety, it’s important to be aware of its individual parts and their function.

A Diagram Showing The Different Parts of a Gun

Some of the key parts of a semi-automatic pistol include:


This is the part of the gun that you hold. Various accessories and modifications may make it easier to keep a firm grasp on the gun’s grip. Stippling is one example of this.


The magazine is the part of the firearm that holds cartridges. One mistake that beginners sometimes make is calling this part a clip, which is not actually a part of a gun. Instead, a clip is an accessory that makes it easier to load ammunition into the magazine. While a magazine is essential for the operation of your firearm, a clip is not.

Trigger & Trigger Guard

The trigger is the part of the gun you pull to fire. It is contained within the trigger guard, which is a part of the frame that protects the trigger from being accidentally bumped or squeezed. If you are not actively firing your weapon, you should keep your pointer finger outside of the trigger guard. This is known as trigger discipline.


A gun’s safety is a lever or switch that can be set to “safe.” This prevents accidental discharge of the firearm. There are a few different designs that can be used. Some of the most common are safeties that prevent the trigger from moving and those that disconnect the trigger from the firing mechanism.


The slide is the upper portion of a semi-automatic pistol. It moves back to load rounds into the chamber for firing and also ejects the spent cartridge.

Barrel & Muzzle

The barrel is the metal tube inside of the gun through which a bullet travels. The muzzle is the portion at the end of the barrel where the bullet exits.

Front & Rear Sights

The front and rear sights are on the top of the barrel. You can aim by aligning them.

Gun Accessories

In addition to the parts of a gun, there may be accessories you add onto or use with your firearm. Some examples include holsters, suppressors, and scopes. It’s generally a good idea to fully understand how your gun works on its own before you add any accessories. You should also know how to use any additions safely and effectively.

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