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What is a Gun Belt?

A gun belt is an integral part of your concealed carry system. This accessory’s design supports the weight of your gun and magazine for comfortable carry. Comfort is only the beginning; wearing a gun belt for concealed carry has plenty of other benefits.

Gun Belt vs Regular Belt

A gun belt is a belt with a combination of features that help with the following:

  • Keeping your pants up under the weight of a firearm
  • Keeping your holster in place when you draw
  • Fitting with or without a firearm
  • Resisting stretching over time

Although they may look similar at first glance, a gun belt and a regular belt have a few substantial differences.


The main difference between gun belts and regular belts is stability. A typical belt is only meant to hold your pants in place and will eventually sag or move into a less than ideal position under the weight of a gun. Unlike other belts, a gun belt can accommodate the weight of your firearm. This belt will not slide down and cause printing, which is when the outline of your gun becomes visible through your pants.

Superior Materials

Gun belts and regular belts also differ in the quality of materials used to make them. Gun belts feature strong materials like nylon or high-quality leather that hold their shape and fit. The stitching is another element. While a regular belt uses nylon thread, a gun belt is stitched together with military-grade polyester thread that will not stretch or succumb to UV rays or the elements.

Easily Adjustable

Additionally, a gun belt is more easily adjustable than a regular belt. Most belts have a traditional prong buckle, which is not ideal for concealed carry. While some gun belts also feature this buckle type, most employ belt snaps and are more user-friendly.

Benefits of a Gun Belt

There are many reasons why a gun belt makes sense for a handgun holder who wants to conceal-carry their firearm.

Higher Comfort Level

One of the main benefits of using a gun belt is the comfort level. Tucking a firearm into your pants or pockets can become painful when you sit or bend and cause your pants to droop throughout the day. A well-fitting belt keeps your pants from sagging and is ideal for those who everyday carry (EDC).

Safety and Security

When you carry a handgun, you must ensure that your weapon doesn’t accidentally drop to the ground. Although most firearms have mechanisms to prevent drop-fires, accidents still occur. Gun belts help prevent this. Most holsters attach to these belts and reduce the chance of your gun falling out.

Ease of Draw

The ease with which you draw your concealed weapon from your holster can be a matter of life or death. Flimsy, regular belts can inhibit your ability to draw your gun smoothly during an emergency. A tactical gun belt is sturdy and built to allow ease of draw.

Supports Extra Magazines

Gun belts have tactical advantages as well. In addition to supporting the weight of a firearm, they can also carry accessories like extra magazines. This feature ensures you have everything you need for concealed carry at your fingertips.

Earn Your Concealed Carry Weapon Permit

Before you purchase a concealed weapon, you must earn your concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit. At The Hub, we can help you get your Arizona permit. Our Tucson and Lakeside locations offer classes that cover the basics of self-defense laws and firearm safety. We also have several other gun training courses.

To earn your CCW permit, contact The Hub today.
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