clip art of duplex scope crosshairs
clip art of duplex scope crosshairs

Full-Service Pawn Shop
Easy & Convenient Loans & Pawn Services

The Hub’s pawn shop makes it easy to get pawn loans and to buy and sell quality used merchandise. We buy, sell, and trade anything of value. Visit our store to see the wide range of items we offer. This includes: pre-owned firearms, electronics, jewelry, and more. All of our items are priced lower than most retail stores. Buying from our pawn shop can save you money.



Sell your old power tools or hand tools to The Hub or buy a new tool for your project at a much lower price than traditional retail. We always test any electronic tools to make sure they work properly and are the best quality.


As a gun store, we specialize in purchasing and selling guns, parts, and accessories. Purchasing from our pawn shop is a great option to get a low-cost, high-quality gun. Want an upgrade? You can also trade an old firearm to help fund a new purchase.


At The Hub, you can use your vehicle as collateral for a pawn loan. We take cars, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs), and motorcycles. We always assess your vehicle so we can give you the most money possible.


We accept bicycles and bicycle parts at our pawn shop. Bring in your old bike to get cash or a loan. If you are looking for a bargain on a bike we offer the highest quality at the lowest prices.


Buy or sell used jewelry at our pawn shop. Our experts appraise all jewelry to make sure that it is authentic and high quality. At The Hub, you can purchase fine jewelry at a much lower cost than retail.


Buying electronics at our pawn shop can save you money and selling your old electronics can help you get the cash or pawn loan you need. We take video games, gaming systems, DVDs/Blu-rays, laptops, and other electronics.


We specialize in musical instruments and equipment. Everything at our pawn shop is tested for quality to ensure that you always get the best possible value.


If you aren’t sure whether or not we would buy your item, bring it in. Our pawn experts are always happy to assess the value of your items to determine whether or not we can give you cash or a pawn loan.


Government ID is required for all pawn/buying services. Fingerprints & photos are also required.

Bring in your tools, vehicle, trailer, or other valuables. We determine an amount that we are willing to pay, either as cash or a pawn loan. If you accept the cash offer, we buy the item from you. For a pawn loan, you will leave your item as collateral, but can get it back if you pay the loan within 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, you can pay the loan amount plus interest and get your item back. If you prefer, you can pay only the interest to get another 90 days.


The Hub’s pawn shop makes it easy to get a loan and to buy or sell quality used merchandise. We buy, sell, and trade anything of value. Buying certain items from a pawn shop can save you tons of money! We specialize in tools, jewelry, firearms, vehicles, motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, electronics, DVDS/Blu-rays, musical equipment, gaming systems, bicycles, chainsaws, saddles, art, and more.

Visit us today to buy or sell valuables at our full-service pawn shop.

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