The Hub’s pawn shop makes it easy to get pawn loans and to buy and sell quality used merchandise. We buy, sell, and trade anything of value. Visit our store to see the wide range of items we offer. This includes: pre-owned firearms, electronics, jewelry, and more. All of our items are priced lower than most retail stores. Buying from our pawn shop can save you money.

The Process of Selling to Our Pawn Shop

Government ID is required for all pawn/buying services. Fingerprints & photos are also required.

Bring in your tools, vehicle, trailer, or other valuables. We determine an amount that we are willing to pay, either as cash or a pawn loan. If you accept the cash offer, we buy the item from you. For a pawn loan, you will leave your item as collateral, but can get it back if you pay the loan within 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, you can pay the loan amount plus interest and get your item back. If you prefer, you can pay only the interest to get another 90 days.

What Our Pawn Shop Accepts

ur pawn shop at The Hub accepts most items. Our experts will examine what you bring in and determine its value. If you are not sure what something is worth or if we would accept it, bring it in! We are always happy to take a look at your items and will let you know whether or not we can buy them. 

Items we accept include:


The Hub accepts both power tools and hand tools. The tools we will buy include: hammers, corded and cordless drills, screwdrivers, table saws or chainsaws, gauges, wrenches, and more. We thoroughly test any tools to make sure they will function perfectly for the new owner.


As a gun store, we are always happy to accept firearms at our pawn shop. Please make sure that your gun is unloaded when you bring it in for us to inspect. If the gun has a case, we recommend that you bring this as well. We will evaluate your weapon and give you the best possible price in cash or as a pawn loan.

Title Loans

If you have a car, ATV (all-terrain vehicle), UTV (utility task vehicle), or motorcycle, you can bring to The Hub for a title loan. This loan gives you cash using your vehicle as collateral. We give you the best possible value and will clearly explain the terms of your title loan. 


The Hub accepts your used bicycles and parts. If your old bike is in good condition, bring it in! We will evaluate your item to offer you the most cash possible. Our evaluations are thorough and fair and we will make sure to explain every step of the process so you understand the reasoning behind our offer.


Jewelry is one of the most common items to sell to a pawn shop. Our pawn experts are trained to evaluate the authenticity of gemstones and metals in your pre-owned jewelry. We also examine the overall quality of the pieces during our evaluation.


We accept a wide range of electronics including: gaming systems, video games, DVDs, Blu-ray disks, DVD/Blu-Ray players, laptops, and more. As with any other item, we perform thorough tests to make sure your electronics are in good working condition.

Musical Instruments

If you have musical instruments you no longer want or that you wish to use as a collateral for a pawn loan, you can bring them to The Hub. We specialize in high-quality pre-owned guitars and other musical instruments. We also accept equipment such as amplifiers.

And Much More

Beyond what is listed above, we take saddles, art, and so much more at our pawn shop. If you are not sure, bring in your item and we will be happy to provide a free evaluation. 


Pawn Shop

The Hub’s pawn shop makes it easy to get a loan and to buy or sell quality used merchandise. We buy, sell, and trade anything of value. Buying certain items from a pawn shop can save you tons of money! We specialize in tools, jewelry, firearms, vehicles, motorcycles, UTVs, ATVs, electronics, DVDS/Blu-rays, musical equipment, gaming systems, bicycles, chainsaws, saddles, art, and more.

Visit us today to buy or sell valuables at our full-service pawn shop.


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