clip art of duplex scope crosshairs
clip art of duplex scope crosshairs

Indoor Shooting Range | About Our Shooting Range

The Hub’s Lakeside location includes a climate-controlled indoor shooting range with 12 lanes. You can rent time on our lanes to use rifles, shotguns, or handguns. If you prefer to rent a weapon from us for your time at our gun range, we offer a wide selection of firearms for you to choose from.

The Hub also offers gun safety and operation classes that in many cases include time at our target range. One of our most popular training options is our Arizona CCW (concealed carry weapon) class. This fulfills all the necessary requirements for you to earn your CCW in the State of Arizona. You can conceal carry a weapon without a permit if you are otherwise legally allowed to own a gun. However, having a CCW gives you benefits such a reciprocity in other states and streamlined background checks for firearm purchases in the future. Our shooting range also offers 101 and 102 classes for handgun, shotgun, and carbine training.


If you are a gun owner, you should make a habit of shooting regularly. This helps you hone your skills in marksmanship so you are better prepared for the worst-case scenario. In addition, visiting a shooting range on a regular basis helps you become more familiar with the operation of your specific weapon.

Visiting a gun range is also good for your health. Shooting your gun can be a great way to blow off steam, which is beneficial for your mental health. Firing a weapon also gives your core and arm muscles a workout and target practice improves your hand-eye coordination.

The shooting range can also be a fun activity to try with a friend or your partner. The Hub allows up to two individuals to use one lane of our range at the same time. This makes target shooting a fun event that may be different from your typical outings.


At The Hub, we take shooting range safety very seriously. You must follow all rules and regulations while you are in our facility.

While you are at the target range, you must wear eye and ear protection. A gunshot is between 140 and 190 decibels, depending on the type of firearm you are using. This is loud enough to cause immediate and irreversible damage to your ears. Eye protection helps keep your eyes safe from accidents, ejected cartridges, and even muzzle flash. Tinted glasses can also increase contrast and improve your marksmanship on the range.

One of the most essential rules of gun safety is to always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction. Do not point the barrel of the gun anywhere that you do not intend to shoot. You should follow this rule even if the gun is unloaded. In fact, it is always best to treat every gun as though it were loaded, even if you know this is not the case. This one simple rule could prevent the majority of gun-related accidents and is highly-enforced at our range. 


The Hub’s state-of-the-art shooting range is the best place to go for target shooting practice in Lakeside, AZ. We offer firearm rentals if you do not have a weapon of your own or if you wish to try out a new model. If you are a regular visitor, you can also take advantage of our memberships to save money while getting valuable time at the gun range.

Book time on our shooting range online, over the phone, or at our Lakeside gun store.

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